8 things you need to do before your new MacBook Pro arrives

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The new MacBook Pro was one of the most awaited devices this year. Even though it received mixed review because of the various new things Apple decided to introduce, the MacBook Pro is still one of the best computers this year. We decided to create a list with the 8 things you need to do before you buy it.

1. Get introduced to Mac

If this is your first Apple computer, then introduce to the Mac lines and what this line of computers means to the computer history. Ever since this computer was legendary announced by Steve Jobs, it was known that this personal computer will become legendary. It would be smart to read about the history, learn more about the Mac OS X and to watch review videos in order to understand how you can make use of it.

2. Prepare for the Unique Feature – The Touch Bar

The TouchBar is something apple introduced together with several other different hardware changes. This is practically the greatest feature of the new MacBook Pro. Again read and find out what the touch bar can do and how it can enhance productivity.

3. Get the needed Accessories

You should know that the criticism was mostly because of the dock changes in the new MacBook Pro. The thing is that most of the docks are incompatible with the old cables, SD Card Slots, and, weirdly, with the iPhones cable docks. There are no USB-A Ports (the most popular port) and instead there are 4 USB-C ports which is a new standard that will be most likely be widely used in the future. However, the good thing is that you can find tons of accessories that will help you connect all of your devices.

4. If you have a Mac Already, Back It Up!

No body wants to lose data or to transfer data. However, if you want to use your settings and transfer your software, files to the new MacBook Pro as well, then back up the data. You may want to start fresh and keep all of the old data on a secure location.

5. Prepare and Plan Data Transfer

It is a smart thing to back all of your data up on the cloud. In that way you can easily select the data you really need on the new Macbook Pro. When the time comes, with few simple steps you can restore and get the data back and running on you new computer.

6. Think of Selling Your Old Mac/Windows PC

No matter how attached you were to your old computer, think of selling it. There is a way to delete every single bit of data on it and transfer it on your new device. Use the cash to additionally equip your new MacBook.

7. Read and Watch Comprehensive Reviews About the MacBook

There are tons of useful MacBook Pro reviews online. Read and watch them all to better understand how the device works and what you can expect.

8. Watch Videos With Practical Tips

There are tons of MacBook Tutorial and Tips videos that will explain a lot of things that you may be questioning yourself about. From how to optimize it, to how to be more productive with it, you will be surprised of how useful some tutorials may be.


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