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Written by Obama Mishy
Remember the End Game. The bad guy going to jail and/or paying a hefty fine for their illegal activities. And this AFTER the court case is won. So… what do we know about the court system? Paper- work. Forensic Data Recovery is NOT exempt. In fact, it is key to a successful litigation process. So what kind of paperwork would be involved in a Forensic Data Recovery?
It is always good verify the requirements of the law to determine what specifically needs to be accomplished. FRCP Rule 26 speaks specifically to the evidence type of electronic discovery. It is rather lengthy and may be viewed here: FRCP Rule 26. The short version, with the addition of FRCP Rule  801, can be stated thusly: Copious documentation of said evidence will keep discussions regarding the Forensic Data Image to a minimum and on point. The following are steps towards good documentation:

Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery Review

Written by umacsoft

Stellar Phoenix can quickly recover almost any type of file from nearly any device, including disks, optical discs and memory cards. It is particularly proficient at finding lost image files and can work with storage devices greater than 2TB in size.

Some advanced features such as disk imaging and working with unbootable drives require an upgrade to the Pro version. In addition, recovery experts will want to upgrade to the technician license.


Flash Card Data Recovery Software

Written by umacsoft

Flash cards have made it very easy to store volumes of internet data that would have formerly fitted on a huge number of floppy disks. The downside though is when the flash device is deleted or formatted then your data recovery process has more files to find. This article examines how file recovery software is capable of finding your files and indicates some of the nuances of flash memory.

The big a valuable thing about flash based devices is that they use exactly the same FAT 32 file system common to many internal hard disk drives and other varieties of external storage devices. This means they must have a file allocation table (FAT), master boot record plus a boot sector.


Total Screen Recorder – Educational site license

Written by Tommy Redden

What is Total Screen Recorder?

Total Screen Recorder is an easy-to-use video recording application with clean interface.

*Easy – Just two steps to start recording!

Screen recorder

First, click the ‘Start’ button (The red button) to prepare for recording;

Second, drag your mouse to choose the area of your desktop to be recorded;

Free download

Price: $200.00 USD

Avax Education Suite

Written by Tommy Redden

AVAX-software wishing to support educational institutions provides Avax Education Suite as an integrated solution.

Avax Education Suite is a full package. It contains all available modules for every student who is:

  • Occupied with geometrical drawing (e.g.: Architects, Civil Engineers, Electrician Engineers, Mechanical Engineers, Topographers, Designers, etc.)
  • Developing Software
  • Making projects related to geometric designs