Find Out How to Restore Corrupted Excel Files

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Microsoft Office suite is a common application among end users all over the world. Due to its innovation, it is often used in computer systems from educational institutions, organizations, hospitals, small businesses to large corporate houses. In the complete MS Office suite, Microsoft Excel is commonly used for everyday activities which provide exceptional features for keeping records of essential information and details. On accounts of corruption to xls data files, at certain times you have to be able to recover corrupted Excel documents.

Sad to say, there are a lot of factors accountable for causing corruption to such files which includes sudden system shutdown while you are doing work, incomplete data transfer from usb thumb drives, corruption due to virus and many others. Such factors are entirely the reason for causing loss of data saved in Excel spreadsheets. For those who have lost a considerable amount of important information, you will need to try to find the right solution to recover that information back. Try to find a procedure of software that has the potential to recover corrupted computer data back easily.

Consider a scenario below in which the Excel file is definitely corrupted:

Ways you can use to fix the corrupted Excel file: Assume you actually have files in SkyDrive in which you are using for accessing anytime. You actually have conveniently been working with SkyDrive. However the following day, you discovered one of the Excel files in the SkyDrive is severely corrupted. It happens to be your pure bad luck that you simply do not have a backup file safely stored. Due to this, you are unable to gain access and make use of the file. To be able to fix this issue, you have attempted a variety of possibilities but all turned out to fail; you would like to learn how to recover corrupted Excel files.

Error Message:

You get an error message that says, “Excel cannot open the file because the file extension or file format is not valid. Verify that the file has not been corrupted and the file extension matches the format of the file.”

Ways you can use to fix the corrupted Excel file:

Before going through any kind of option for restoring and repairing corrupted files, you can attempt to try the below provided procedures:

  • Try to save the damaged file in a new format.
  • Try to open the file in several other formats similar to HTML or SYLK.
  • Try to open the files in Microsoft Word.
  • Free inbuilt ‘Open and Repair’ facility.
  • You can modify the calculation feature.
  • Link the corrupted Excel file.

Recovery Programs:

If you do not know how you can recover from your corrupted Excel file, then you can certainly try numerous software recovery software solutions available on the market. After trying the above free procedure, you will have a better understanding of the recovery software. You can then use a recovery software which will restore and repair all the damaged data stored in your Excel sheets.

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