How to Recover Deleted Word Document on Mac

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How to recover deleted word document with umacsoft data recovery program for MacSometimes, you might find yourself loosing very important word documents on your Mac PC. There are several reasons that can cause this stressful scenario to happen, but if you are well prepared, you will find it so easy to recover deleted word document on mac. Data loss is quite common nowadays and occurs due to various reasons. Accidental deletion of important word document files can quickly drain the color from your face, especially when you realize that the word document needs to be presented in the next meeting or contains very crucial information.

In case you become a victim of accidental data loss, don’t panic or stress, nowadays there are so many ways to recover lost word document on mac. Below are some useful tips on how to recover deleted word document on mac.

Check your Mac Trash Binhow to recover deleted word document on mac

Sometime you might delete folders that contain word documents by accident or well knowingly. Before files are completely deleted, Mac OS usually stores them temporarily on the Trash Bin. So your file loss isn’t that disastrous and can be easily retrieved by performing the following procedure.

Step by step instructions

1. If you have not yet emptied your Trash Bin, that’s good news for you.
2. Locate the Trash Bin icon on your Mac PC desktop screen and double click it.
3. On a new window Trash Bin will display all available files and content.
4. Check for the deleted word document file.
5. If you trace the word documents, right-click and select “Put Back”
6. The file or document will be successfully saved on your Pc and you can access it by viewing the folder on which it was originally saved.

How to recover deleted word document on mac using Office AutoRecovery Folder feature

Most new versions of Office have an “AutoRecovery” feature that temporary saves word documents in case the Mac PC unintentionally crashes and shutdown unexpectedly. If you happen to experience this troublesome data loss scenario, locate the “AutoRecovery” folder on your Mac and open the document that was last saved. To find the “AutoRecovery” folder on your Mac, go to “Finder” and long Press Alt, the “Library” folder will automatically become visible. Open the folder and other subfolders following this sequence; Application Support >>Microsoft >>Office>> Office2016 AutoRecovery (the last folder depends on the current version of Office installed, it could be 2010, 2013, 2016, etc.)how to recover deleted word document on mac

How to recover deleted word document with uMacsoft data recovery program for Mac

In case the word documents cannot be traced or have completely disappeared from your Mac PC, uMacsoft has the best recovery solution for you. This magical data recovery program can recover documents that have been accidentally deleted or lost through hard drive formatting, lost drive partition, corrupt folders, system crash, etc. The program works by using complex algorithms combination that traces all file changes on your Mac PC. Normally, when you delete word documents, the files are not completely removed from the system until other files replace the written paths.

With uMacsoft data recovery software, you can easily recover lost word documents through these steps.
1. Download uMacsoft word document recovery program for mac.
2. Install the program on your Mac Pc.
3. Open the program and scan for lost word documents.
4. The program will display all recoverable files on your screen once the “Search” process is complete.
5. Locate all the word documents that you would like to recover back and save them on your computer.
6. Close the program after completing the data recovery process.
7. Open the folder containing recovered word documents and access your files using Office.

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