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Written by Obama Mishy
Remember the End Game. The bad guy going to jail and/or paying a hefty fine for their illegal activities. And this AFTER the court case is won. So… what do we know about the court system? Paper- work. Forensic Data Recovery is NOT exempt. In fact, it is key to a successful litigation process. So what kind of paperwork would be involved in a Forensic Data Recovery?
It is always good verify the requirements of the law to determine what specifically needs to be accomplished. FRCP Rule 26 speaks specifically to the evidence type of electronic discovery. It is rather lengthy and may be viewed here: FRCP Rule 26. The short version, with the addition of FRCP Rule  801, can be stated thusly: Copious documentation of said evidence will keep discussions regarding the Forensic Data Image to a minimum and on point. The following are steps towards good documentation:


Written by itongtong517

by Donna Eno, CCNA

So there you are…running your business or maybe you’re at home catching up on emails etc. Minding your own business. Then
you notice files are missing, your screen flashes, your network connection slows to a crawl. You begin to wonder. You remember the conversation, just the other day with an IT friend over lunch about how more and more networks and the computers that sustain those networks are being compromised. You remember that conversation and some of the symptoms that a network and/or computer would display at the onset of a network attack. It bears a real resemblance to what you are experiencing sitting at your computer desktop. You get that sinking feeling in your gut as you wonder if it has happened to you and what it will take to minimize the damage….



Written by itongtong517

What is Dynamic Disk? 

The Dynamic Disk is a physical disk that manages its volumes through the use of LDM data. And what is LDM database? LDM is short of Logical Disk Manager, and it can be hidden database which dimension is 1MB after the Dynamic Disk. The 1MB space records every piece of information on the volumes on one disk, as well as holds some related info on each dynamic disk. Such as Drive letter, volume label, the begin section of volume, volume size, the file system of volume, along with the current dynamic disk is which is and so on.



Written by umacsoft

A helpful and fast method for recovering data in a file system. This method includes the steps of performing a given way that scans the deleted and lost data files on a computer, and preview the recovered data before you decide to recover it back with professional data recovery software. To prevent the loss of data files, what tips you need to follow, and other knowledge of data recovery in details.