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Tutorial to recover lost data from iTunes backup

Written by umacsoft

Recover Previous Data from iTunes Backup

This recovery mode allows you to recover previous data by extracting iTunes backup files. That’s to say, you need to have synced your device with iTunes before you lost data. Another important thing is that don’t sync your device with iTunes after you lost your data, for iTunes will automatically update the backup file every time you sync with it. You’ll lose your previous data forever if the backup file is updated.


How to Recover Photo, SMS, Contacts and Other Files from iPhone

Written by Tommy Redden

Get your own iPhone 5

Congratulations to you, when you have snagged a brand-new iPhone 5. However, if you are a beginner of iPhone, then you probably need to know some basic knowledge. We have to thank to Apple iOS 6’s userguide activation process, which made iPhone pretty simple to get started. but just in case you need some extra help, you have to google online for more information. In this article I won’t talk more about how to set up and manipulate this new device, if you would like to get this kind of information, just read more at this link. Here we would go through how to recover data for iPhone 5 or iPhone 4, and even lower version. iPhone text message recovery? Contacts recovery? No matter what files you lost on iPhone, this article could apply to all situations.